For the Director: Research Essays in Honor of James B. Griffin

Charles E. Cleland, ed.

AP 61

In 1975, James B. Griffin retired as director of the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology. During his three decades as director and professor, he had become one of the leading archaeologists in North America and had tremendous influence over the next generation of archaeological research. To honor the man and his work, nineteen scholars contributed essays to this volume.

Prehistoric Biological Relationships in the Great Lakes Region

Richard Guy Wilkinson

AP 43

In this work, author Richard Guy Wilkinson presents an examination of the biological relationships among certain Middle and Late Woodland populations from the Great Lakes area. He studied the skeletal material from many Midwest archaeological sites, including Juntunen, Younge, Bussinger, Steuben, and Norton Mounds (the largest Hopewellian complex in Michigan). His research attempts to answer questions related to Illinois Hopewellian migration into Michigan; the relationship of Middle and Late Woodland populations in Illinois and the Great Lakes area; and the apparent causes of these relationships.