The Man from Earth

MFE-Home-Page-BackgroundI recommend highly, if not higher than that, a film titled “The Man from Earth.”

This is no regular “Sci-fi” movie. There are no space ships, aliens, ray guns, slime, robots, spandex, cute kids, explosions, or creatures that pop out from someone’s belly. It’s about an idea. A simple “What If?” scenario that then gets played out, and draws intelligently from a study of human reactions and behaviors.

“The Man from Earth” is a low budget piece made up of one long conversation that takes place in a cabin (an actual cabin, not a set), as an academic – surrounded by some colleagues from various disciplines, and who are surprised he’s giving up his tenure and moving on – learn from him that he is a 14,000 year old man, who needs to “move on” as people begin to notice he does not age.

There’s more, but that would be telling.

And it would make an incredible stage play.

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