“TV Commercials” (Among Us Mortals, 1/27/1952)

“TV Commercials” (Among Us Mortals, 1/27/1952)
by W.E. (William Ely) Hill (1887-1962)
18.5 x 15 in., ink on board
Coppola Collection

W.E. (William Ely) Hill (1887-1962) was known for his masterful black and white Sunday page, “Among Us Mortals,” sometimes referred to as the Hill Page. Please see the Gallery description for more about Hill.

From this January 27, 1952 edition, titled “TV Commercials” some quotes:

“Singing Commercial. The personality boys are going into their act with such bounce and bang that you will want to rush right out and buy four new Golightly tires, which is the sponsor’s product.”

“End of commercial. Before saying, “And now back to the news,” he will look deep into your eyes, with a wistful smile, and add, “Stop by at your neighborhood drug store tonight and buy a package, won’t you?”

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