Take Your Science to New Highs!

The Camp Davis property provides an exceptional location for research in geology, ecology, and environmental sciences, and the recent connection of high-speed fiber optic internet service to Camp Davis provides long-term monitoring opportunities at the site throughout the year. Office space and residence cabins are available to interested researchers working at Camp Davis or in the nearby vicinity. Please contact if you are interested in using the Camp Davis property or facilities for a research project.

Environmental and Geophysical Monitoring

A variety of short-term and long-term monitoring campaigns have been undertaken at Camp Davis, including mercury deposition from the atmosphere, tree sap monitoring, and the temporary installation of a Picarro cavity ring-down spectrometer to measure isotopic changes of atmospheric water vapor over a period of several months. We have recently installed Camp Shake, a Raspberry Shake seismometer for educational and public outreach purposes. We anticipate that data from existing instrumentation on our weather tower will be available on-line in summer 2020.


Many Camp Davis faculty, guest instructors, and graduate students are involved in research projects that take advantage of the Camp Davis location in NW Wyoming. A list of recent publications in geology, ecology, climate science, and environmental science can be found here.