Volume 59, #2 // April 2017

Editorial Foreword

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Articles in this Issue

Labor and Land Regimes

Tania Murray Li
The Price of Un/Freedom: Indonesia’s Colonial and Contemporary Plantation Labor Regimes

R. Alan Covey and Kylie E. Quave
The Economic Transformation of the Inca Heartland (Cuzco, Peru) in the Late Sixteenth Century

Visual Politics

Simeon Koole
Photography as Event: Power, the Kodak Camera, and Territoriality in Early Twentieth-Century Tibet

Sujit Sivasundaram
Towards a Critical History of Connection: The Port of Colombo, the Geographical “Circuit,” and the Visual Politics of New Imperialism, ca. 1880–1914

National Emotions

Lori A. Allen
Determining Emotions and the Burden of Proof in Investigative Commissions to Palestine

Andrew Gilbert
The Limits of Foreign Authority: Publicity and the Political Logic of Ambivalence in Postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Projit Mukharji
The Bengali Pharaoh: Upper-Caste Aryanism, Pan-Egyptianism, and the Contested History of Biometric Nationalism in Twentieth-Century Bengal

History and Sociology: Conditions of Interdisciplinarity

George Steinmetz
Field Theory and Interdisciplinarity: History and Sociology in Germany and France during the Twentieth Century

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