Student Perspectives – Equitable Teaching

Student Perspectives


The videos on this page were created from footage filmed during the classroom simulations that appear on the Teaching Demonstrations page. In these videos, you will hear students reflect in their own words on aspects of their social identities that impact their experiences at UM and other areas of their lives.

UM Students on Learning and Identity
This video shows students reflecting on their racial and ethnic identities in connection to their learning goals at college as well as their shifting understanding of themselves and their development. (5:37)
UM Students on Race
This video shows students engaged in a small-group discussion as part of a Spectrum Activity on social identity. These students have indicated that race is the identity factor that most impacts them. (4:45)
UM Student on Social Class
This video depicts students discussing the intersectionality between other social identities and social class and how they have overcome challenges related to this intersectionality. Students also share how context, background, and assumptions affect how they view their social class. (7:40)
UM Students on Race and Gender
This video depicts two students talking about how the intersections of their racial and gender identities impact their experiences on and around campus. (3:13)
UM Students on Privilege and “Helping”
This video shows two students’ different understandings of “help.” The first student understands “help” as using your privilege to help others achieve success. The second student associates negative connotations with “help” due to colonialism and personal experiences with this verb. (3:26)

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