Student Focus Group Feedback – Equitable Teaching

Student Focus Group Feedback

Student Focus Group Feedback


The Inclusive Teaching Website Team sought to engage with student perspectives on inclusivity in the classrooms to do so we conducted student focus groups across grade level and schools to know what aspects of an instructor’s choices and maintenance of classes were most significant to students and what can be made available on the website. In the focus groups, students thought about a plethora of ideas which will inform the direction of our website and recommendations to professors.


The most common category was Respect and In-Class Climate, which suggests that students consider how they and their peers are treated within classroom spaces when thinking about inclusivity. Another popular category was the department/school-specific category where most codes discussed positive or negative standout aspects of the culture within classes within a specified department or school on the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus.

Major learning categories:

Respect and in-class climate
Fruitful learning techniques
Meeting student needs
In class strategies
Professor Demeanor

How we are using the results

We plan to update and create resources that align with student perspectives shared in the focus groups related to the following:

  • Banking model and why educators are moving away from it
  • New and renovated teaching and class management methods
  • More syllabi techniques and inclusive practices or setting up an inclusive space through the syllabus
  • Accessibility and inclusion in the classroom and in the syllabi

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