New Addition to ES George Reserve

Just arrived at the E.S. George Reserve, this little bundle of joy: Levi A. Wenner!! And who knew we had storks?! Congratulations Kayla, Alex, and Quinn!









Nature baby not speaking a word
Nature baby free as a bird
Nature Baby living day by day
Nature Baby always floating away. Feeling the soil around my feet
The sun rays beating down with heat
My being feeling like I’m not physically here
And when I look around I’m so much more aware. The energy keeps coming my way
As I buzz through life and play
Nature Baby being free
Nature Baby that is me
That is what is meant to be. Nature Baby gave the garden lots of love and energy
And now the gardens have surrounded me with beauty
And the heavenly scents from each flower in bloom
As we share the space within this big room. Nature Baby as free as a bird
Nature Baby not speaking a word.

by Jaye (Julianna) Low