Ph.D Dissertations Resulting from Work on the ESGR


Hyde, A. Sidney.  A study of the life history of Helslow’s Sparrow (Passerhebulus henslowi).


Nicholson, Arnold Joseph.  The home life of the wood mouse (Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis) in southern Michigan as shown by the use of nest boxes.


Cantrall, Irving James.  The ecology of the Orthoptera and Dermaptera of the Edwin S. George Reserve, Livingston County, Michigan, with notes on habits and life histories.


Goble, Franz Cleon.  Tissue changes in white-tailed deer (Odocoileusvirginianus borealis) with natural lung-worm infections (Protostrongylus and Dictyocaulus).


Cheatum, Evelyn Leonard.  A contribution to the life history of the deer lung-worm, Leptostrongylus alpenae (Nemiatoda: Leptostrongylidae), with observations on its incidence and biology.


Staebler, Arthur Eugene.  A comparative life history study of the downy and hairy woodpeckers (Dendrocopos pubescens andDendrocopos villosus).


Prescott, Kenneth Wade.  A life history of the scarlet tanager (Pirangaolivacea).


Snyder, Dana Paul.  Survival rates, longevity and population fiuctuations in the white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, in southeastern Michigan.


Dean, Donald S.  An investigation of the role of autopolyploidy in the distribution of Tradescantia ohioensis Raf. in Michigan and adjoining areas.


Bohnsack, Kurt Karl.  A study of the forest floor arthropods of an oak-hickory woods in southern Michigan.


Brand, Raymond Howard.  Abundance and activity of the wood mouse (Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis) in relation to the character of its habitat.

Kormondy, Edward John.  Studies in the life history, morphology, and ecology of the genus Tetragoneuria in Michigan (Odonata: Libellulidae).


Gangwere, Stanley Kenneth.  Feeding mechanisms, feeding habits, and food selection in Orthoptera.

Kannowski, Paul Bruno.  Factors affecting the ecological distribution of the ants in three bogs in southeastern Michigan.

Sexton, Owen James.  The spatial and seasonal distribution of a population of the painted turtle, Chrysemys picta marginataAgassiz.


Cooper, Arthur Wells.  Plant life forms as indicators of microclimate.


Barnes, Burton Verne.  Natural variation and clonal development ofPopulus tremuloides and Populus grandidentata in northern lower Michigan.

Hauke, Richard Louis.  A taxonomic monograph of the genus Equisetumsubgenus Hippochaete.


Engelmann, Manfred David.  The role of the arthropods in the soil community of an old-field with emphasis on energetics.

Hazard, Evan Brandao.  A field study of activity among squirrels (Sciuridae) in southern Michigan.

Wenner, Adrian M.  Sound production during the waggle dance of the honey bee.


Owen, Jennifer.  The behavior of a social wasp Polister fuscatus(Vespidae) at the nest, with special reference to differences between individuals.

Wecker, Stanley Charles.  The role of early experience in habitat selection by the prairie deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus bairdi.

Wiegert, Richard George.  The effects of periodic destruction of habitat on the energetics of the meadow spittlebug, Philaenus spumarius L.


McNeil, Richard Jerome.  Population dynamics and economic impact of deer in southern Michigan.


Jenkins, David Hall.  The productivity and management of deer on the Edwin S. George Reserve, Michigan.


Muul, Illar.  Behavioral and physiological influences on the distribution of the flying squirrel, Glaucomys volans.


Emlen, Stephen Thompson.  Experimental analysis of celestial orientation in a nocturnally migrating bird.


Harris, Joan Page.  Voice and associated behavior in Citellustridecemlineatus and other ground squirrels.

Gill, Robert Wager.  Soil micro-arthropod regulation following old-field litter manipulation.

Brockelman, Warren Yalding.  Natural regulation of density in tadpoles ofBufo americanus.


Metzgar, Lee Hollis.  Social organization and population regulation in the woodmouse, Peromyscus leucopus.


Bradshaw, William Emmons.  The termination of larval diapause inChaoborus americanus.


Botzler, Richard George.  Perpetuation of listeriae and yersiniae, and attempts to isolate salmonellae, on the Edwin S. George Reserve.

De Benedictis, Paul Alfred.  Interspecific competition between tadpoles ofRana pipiens and Rana sylvatica: an experimental field study.

Hill, Richard William.  The ontogeny of homeothermy in neonatalPeromyscus leucopus noveboracensis.

Laux, Louis Joseph Jr.  Non-breeding surplus, and population structure of the Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus).


Kaitala, Jack Eugene.  An investigation of low frequency velocity fluctuations in the first thirty meters of the atmospheric boundary layer.

Wilbur, Henry Miles.  Competition, predation, and the structure of theAmbystoma-Rana sylvatica community.


Arnold, Stevan James.  Tiie evolution of courtship behavior in salamanders.


Hirth, David Hammond.  Social behavior of white-tailed deer in relation to habitat.


Wise, David Haynes.  Role of food supply in the population dynamics of the spider Linyphia marginata.


Collins, James Paul.  A comparative study of the life history strategies in a community of frogs.


Baker-Blocker, Anita L.  Flux of methane from selected wetlands.

Baudoin, Mario Jorge.  The cost of reproduction in the white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, with reference to the effects of castration by the botfly Cuterebra angustifrons.


Cohen, Steven Michael.  Blue Jay vocal behavior.

Feaver, Marianne.  Aspects of the behavioral ecology of three species ofOrchelimum (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae).

Feaver, Paul Edward.  The demography of a Michigan population ofNatrix sipedon with discussions of ophidian growth and reproduction.

Howard, Richard Duncan.  The evolution of mating strategies and resource utilization in bullfrogs, Rana catesbiana.


Fiala, Kent Lee.  Natural selection and the sex ratio in the Red-winged Blackbird.


DeSteven, Diane.  Insect seed predation and the reproductive ecology of witch-hazel (Hamamelis virginiana).

Getty, Thomas Reed.  The behavioral ecology of eastern chipmunks: space-use patterns.


Hileman, Douglas Richard.  Photosynthetic production, phenology, and herbivory in evergreen and deciduous bog shrubs.

Kirkendall, Lawrence Richard.  The effects of resource quality on reproductive success in a harem polygynous bark beetle,Pityophthoorus lautus.


Moran, Nancy Ann.  Host relationships, life cycles, and systematics of aphids of the genus Uroleucon.


Docauer, David Michael.  A Nutrient basis for the distribution of the Lemnaceae.

Queller, David Charles.  The evolution of sexual and parental strategies inAsclepias exaltata and other plants.


Archambault, L. Classification of oak ecosystem in southeastern Michigan.

Crespi, Bernard Joseph.  Behavioral Ecology of Mycophagous Thysanoptera.

Gorchov, David Louis.  Proximate and ultimate causes of fruit ripening asynchrony in vertebrate-dispersed plants in southeastern Michigan.


Cresswell, James Edgar.  Optimal foraging theory applied to bumblebees gathering nectar from wild bergamot.


Spiguel, Maria Cristina Ribero do Valle.  Nitrogen cycling and nitrogen availability in three oak ecosystems in southeastern Michigan.


Skelly, D. K.  Larval distributions of spring peepers and chorus frogs: regulating factors and the role of larval behavior.


Shannon, Robert David. The biogeochemistry of methane cycling in two Michigan peatlands.

Wellborn, G. A.  Ecology and evolution life history variation among populations of a freshwater amphipod (Hyalella azteca).


Kasmer, John M. Twig abscission in trembling aspen: Ecological causes and responses to shading and pruning.


Cassin, Jan L. Balancing costs and benefits in a mutualism: Conditionality in the interaction between the grass, Hystrix patula Moench (Poaceae: Triticeae), and its fungal endophyte.


Howard, Timothy Gramlich. The relationship of competitive hierarchies for germination, growth, and survivorship to relative abundance in an old field community.

Relyea, Rick A. Phenotypic plasticity in larval anurans.


Simpson, R.A. The effects of pollination and resources on the reproduction and establishment of Lespedeza virginica (Fabaceae).


Greiling, Dunrie Allison. Conditionality in plant response to herbivores and competitors.

Peacor, S.D. The role of phenotypic plasticity and indirect interactions on the structure of ecological communities.


Sorin, Anna Bess. Reproduction, behavior, and social interactions of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) on the Edwin S. George Reserve.

Yurewicz, Kerry L. Size structure and intraguild interactions in larval salamanders.


Schiesari, Luis C. Performance tradeoffs across resource gradients in anuran larvae.


McCauley, Shannon Jean. Species distributions in anisopteran odonates: effects of local and regional processes.

Wund, Matthew A. Learning in the development of phenotypically plastic bat echolocation.


Fraker, Michael Edward. Predation Risk Assessment and the Anti-Predator Behavioral Dynamics of Larval Anurans.

Oldfield, Ronald G. Effects of Behavioral Interaction on Sex Determination in the Midas Cichlid.


Raczkowski, Joseph M. Phylogeny and founding stage of Lasius(Acanthomyops) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Ohio State University.

Walther, Andrea Coronel. A Systematic Study of North American Freshwater Limpets (Gastropoda: Hygrophila: Ancylidae).


Zellmer, Amanda June. Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Population Connectivity in an Amphibian with Local Adaptation.


Allen, David Nicoletti. Feedback between ecological interaction and spatial pattern in a transitional Michigan forest.