Several recently renovated houses on the ESGR provide lodging for students and visiting investigators whose studies may require short overnight stays or even residence for several months. Details about the accommodations and rental policies can be found by following this link.

The ESGR also has a seminar building (located outside the South gate entrance) that is capable of hosting groups of up to 30 people.  The seminar building also houses a small computing facility with two computers and wifi capabilities for researchers.  

 exp_pondsIn addition to the large number of natural ponds on the ESGR, the University has built an experimental pond facility (pictured to the right) within the Reserve fence. The facility consists of nine large ponds 30m in diameter and 2m deep and 12 small ponds 15m in diameter and 1m deep. These ponds can be individually drained and filled. A 40×60 foot fully winterized laboratory building with wet and dry lab space and a shop supports the pond facility.