Data Resources

As a result of the efforts of researchers of the past and present, a variety of data resources relating to the ESGR are collected, maintained and made available to interested parties. Databases include species lists for plants and animals, spatial data (GIS) for mapping and analysis purposes, and a map using the spatial data of the ESGR.

l_intacta2Species lists of plants and animals of the ESGR

There is a rich history of both formal and informal investigations aimed at describing the taxa that inhabit the ESGR. The flora are fairly well documented, as are the vertebrates and some arthropod groups. However, most of the insects are not catalogued, although many of the species found at Evans’ Old Field have been listed.

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Imagery of Selected Sites

Ian Kinney has shared with us (via Justin Congdon) some wonderful aerial images of the ESGR taken with a drone.  We have archived here images of

Crane Pond

Cassandra Bog

Hidden Lake

more soon!

howard_gisESGR GIS database

Interactive Web Map with Historic Layers and Vegetation Types

Timothy Howard developed a GIS database of the ESGR in ARC/INFO that includes elevation contours and  vegetative cover types.
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The link above downloads a GIF file of a map of the ESGR produced by Tim Howard from his GIS coverages described above. The file is large (2.79 MB) and is configured to be printed as a large map.

mulleinEvans Old Field Plant Database

This database contains data collected by Dr. Francis C. Evans of the University of Michigan during a 50-year (1948-1997) study of successional changes in a 7.7 ha abandoned field at the Edwin S. George Reserve. The area surveyed was on a grid 180 yds by 320 yds. Trips to the area were made at intervals over the flowering season. On each trip, the phenological state of plants, particularly those in flower, was noted.

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Searchable ESGR publications database

Since 1934, over 500 publications have been produced based on research done, in whole or in part, on the ESGR. As a resource to current and future researchers of the ESGR, a database of these publications is made available for query at the link below.

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Weather Data

Thanks to the generous donation of a new weather station from Justin Congdon in 2010, we now are able to make up to the minute weather data available to all ESGR researchers. Historical weather data will be automatically archived on the Weather Underground website:

Link to Wunderground Weather Station

where it can be downloaded as a comma-delimited text file (scan to the bottom of the page). If fine-scale data are desired (readings are taken at 10 minute intervals), it would be better to contact the ESGR Director for these data.