Policies of the ESGR

Regarding proposed research

The use of the Edwin S. George Reserve is generally restricted to biological or environmental research and research courses of the University of Michigan.  Students and staff who wish to use the ESGR for research must fill out a Research Permit Application to be submitted to the Director. Permission to extend projects beyond the time originally proposed also must be requested in writing and submitted to the Director. Student research ordinarily will require the sponsorship of a faculty member or senior investigator. Senior investigators and students with approved research projects are responsible for the activities of research assistants and others who assist with their projects.

Regarding use by classes

Requests to use the ESGR for classes must be made to the Director in writing, including a description of the projects to be carried out, course number, enrollment in the class, and a statement of the number and duration of class visits.  Upon receiving permission to use the ESGR, the course leader will be informed of the current research projects on the ESGR the class might impact.  The course leader will then be responsible for contacting each researcher to provide a description of any class activity that might disturb the on-going work. It will be the responsibility of the course leader to inform their students of the rules regulating use of the ESGR, and to enforce these rules.

Regarding issuance of keys

Gate keys will be issued only to regular users of the ESGR who have complied with the appropriate requirements listed above. If the project is approved, the Director will sign a Key Request Form, and then the key can be obtained from the University Key Office for a $5.00 fee, which is refundable upon the return of the key. Other individuals wishing to visit the ESGR for a day or weekend may obtain a loaner key from the Director. It is understood that all keys will be returned to the University Key Office (or to the Director if a loaner) as soon as the research project is complete. Authorized users of the ESGR (those with approved, registered projects) are not allowed to give access to the ESGR to others for the purposes of recreation or research.