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Where do Spring Peepers go in Summer?

We were surprised the first time we relabeled one of the pvc tubes from 2017 in the Big Woods ForestGEO plot.  Then we found the spring peepers regularly in the tubes.  We don’t know if this will increase the population of spring peepers, but we applaud their presence in this constructed habitat!

February 2018 EEB Writing Retreat

On February 17-18, 2018 the first EEB Writing Retreat was held at the ESGR. We occupied the HillnDale house and spent both days in dedicated writing activities.
The lack of wifi was optimal for staying focused; those with flash drives or AirDrop were able to trade files, charts, or folders for reviewing!   Late night activities included Ouija Board directives from beyond.  Below a saturday view of Buck Hollow from the Esker Road: you can see the boardwalk and the trail to the bog.