This list is based on the work of Mary Talbot. Her collections from the ESGR spanned a quarter of a century and yielded  87 species across 4 subfamilies.  Some changes have been made to bring the taxonomy in her list of ant species (Talbot 1975) up to date, primarily following those changes in Wheeler et al. (1994).


Dolichoderus mariae Forel

Dolichoderus plagiatus (Mayr)

Dolichoderus pustulatus Mayr

Dolichoderus taschenbergi (Mayr)

Dorymyrmex grandulus (Forel)

Tapinoma sessile (Say)


Acanthomyops claviger (Roger)

Acanthomyops interjectus (Mayr)

Acanthomyops latipes (Walsh)

Acanthomyops murphyi (Forel)

Acanthomyops subglaber (Emery)

Brachymyrmex depilis Emery

Camponotus americanus Mayr

Camponotus caryae (Fitch)

Camponotus nearcticus Emery

Camponotus novaeboracensis (Fitch)

Camponotus pennsylvanicus (DeGeer)

Formica creightoni Buren

Formica dakotensis Emery

Formica exsectoides Forel

Formica fusca Linnaeus

Formica glacialis Wheeler

Formica gynocrates Snelling & Buren

Formica lasioides Emery

Formica neogagtes Emery

Formica neorufibarbis Emery

Formica nepticula Wheeler

Formica obscuripes Forel

Formica obscuriventris Mayr

Formica pallidefulva nitidiventris Emery

Formica pergandei Emery

Formica rubicunda Emery

Formica shaufussi Mayr

Formica sp. (microgyna group)

Formica subintegra Emery

Formica subnuda Emery

Formica subsericea Say

Formica talbotae Wilson

Formica ulkei Emery

Formica vinculans Wheeler

Lasius alienus (Foerster)

Lasius flavus (Fabricius)

Lasius minutus Emery

Lasius nearcticus Wheeler

Lasius neoniger Emery

Lasius pallitarsis (Provancher)

Lasius speculiventris Emery

Lasius umbratus (Nylander)

Paratrechina parvula (Mayr)

Polyergus lucidus Mayr

Prenolepis imparis (Say)


Aphaenogaster fulva Roger

Aphaenogaster rudis (Emery)

Aphaenogaster tennesseensis (Mayr)

Aphaenogaster treatae Forel

Crematogaster cerasi Fitch

Crematogaster lineolata (Say)

Formicoxenus hirticornis (Emery)

Leptothorax ambiguus Emery

Leptothorax curvispinosus Mayr

Leptothorax duloticus (Wesson)

Leptothorax longispinosus Roger

Leptothorax muscorum (Nylander)

Leptothorax shaumi Roger

Leptothorax texanus Wheeler

Monomorium minimum (Buckley)

Monomorium talbotae DuBois

Myrmecina americana Emery

Myrmica americana Weber

Myrmica detritinodis Emery

Myrmica fracticornis Emery

Myrmica incompleta Provancher

Myrmica nearctica Weber

Myrmica pinetorum Wheeler

Myrmica punctiventris Roger

Myrmica sp. 1

Myrmica sp. 2

Pyramica pergandei (Emery)

Pyramica pulchella (Emery)

Solenopsis molesta (Say)

Stenamma brevicorne (Mayr)

Stenamma diecki Emery

Stenamma impar Forel

Stenamma schmitti Wheeler


Amblyopone pallipes (Haldeman)

Ponera pennsylvanica Buckley

Proceratium silaceum Roger

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