Public transportation

The city of Ann Arbor has a small but reliable and convenient public bus service called TheRide.

  • Regular one-way fare: $1.50 (payed in cash or better yet in six 25-cent coins -called quarters- to the bus driver).
  • Map of the bus routes in Ann Arbor (download it in GIF format).


  • The most convenient bus stop for guests staying at or near the Hampton Inn South and Sheraton hotels is called Wolverine Tower. It is serviced by Bus #36
  • Important: Bus#36 does not run on Saturdays and Sundays. 


  • Most public transportation bus services in Ann Arbor are generally not running late at night.  Please plan to take a taxi or see also the NightRide
  • If you are waiting at a bus stop and a bus approaches, make your intention to take a bus clear and yourself visible to make sure the driver sees you and stops.