MQR 57:4 | Fall 2018 | Caregiving – Michigan Quarterly Review

MQR 57:4 | Fall 2018 | Caregiving

Table of Contents


Heather McHugh: Emit and Edit


  • Chloë Boxer: Dog Days
  • Vicki Derderian: Tango
  • Karen Heuler: The Year of His Father
  • Kai Maristed: Mrs. Trefoil’s Parlor
  • Gregory Leon Miller: Something Else
  • Kate Osana Simonian: Transference
  • Christa Romanosky: The Hard Burn of Traveling Light



  • Ahmad Almallah: House/Cleaning
  • Idris Anderson: A Shuffle In the Woods
  • Elizabeth Aquino: Three Meditations on Caregiving
  • Amy Beeder: Leviathan
  • Marc Brenman: Family Archaeology
  • Karen Brennan: Everyone Sad” & When Rachel Sings
  • Rafael Campo: Gastroenterology & Immunology
  • Victoria Chang: Obit
  • Barbara Crooker: Mirror & Linguistics
  • Chard de Niord: I Couldn’t Grieve & Like a Cicada
  • Suzanne Edison: When My Child Fell Ill
  • Margaret Gibson: Washing the Body
  • Jeremy Gregersen: Sistine Notebooks: The Delphic Sybil
  • Tom C. Hunley: Prayer Asking for Mercy
  • Joshua Kryah: Children of the Middle Ages & Survival by Children
  • Heather Lanier: The Baby Is
  • Amy Lemmon: Sea-Bands™
  • Elisabeth Lewis Corley: What Belongs to Us
  • J. Estanislao Lopez: Aubade on the 8th Floor of St. Luke’s & The Figurative
  • Ed Madden: What Time is Made Of, Never, & Imminent
  • Michael Mark: It’s all in your head, Estelle, The year we’re living in, & In the handicap stall
  • Sara Parrott: At the Pillow of the Sick
  • Irma Pineda (translated by Wendy Call): Cándida
  • Robin Rosen Chang: Black Bubbles & Physical Exam
  • Tina Schumann: Interlude
  • Betsy Sholl: Knot
  • Shirley Stephenson: Hand Carriage
  • Connie Voisine: All is Well, Safely Rest, God Is Nigh

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