MQR Issue 60:1, Winter 2021 – Michigan Quarterly Review
MQR Issue 60:1, Winter 2021

MQR Issue 60:1, Winter 2021

Announcing the release of MQR 60:1, Our 60th Anniversary Issue

Cover art by Eduardo Paolozzi, courtesy of UMMA and Diane Kirkpatrick

Table of Contents


Khaled Mattawa: Celebrating 60 Years of MQR


  • Alice Adams: Complicities
  • Kalisha Buckhanon: Card Parties
  • Marilyn Chin: Round-Eyes
  • L.C. Fiore: Bangalore
  • Mary Gaitskill: The Woman Who Knew Judo
  • Nguyen Viet Ha translated by Nguyen Nguyet Cam and Alec Holcombe: Rain On My Wedding Day
  • Alice Mattison: Brooklyn Sestina
  • Joyce Carol Oates: How Do You Like Your Meat?
  • Patricio Pron translated by Kathleen Heil: Fish & Mountains
  • Shao Wang: The Pianist in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot


  • Margaret Atwood: The Female Body
  • Stephen Brockmann: The Cultural Meaning of the Gulf War
  • Thomas J. Cottle: The Reflection of Values: A Response to Toni Morrison
  • Charles Johnson: A Phenomenology of the Black Body
  • Thurgood Marshall: A New Era in Human Rights
  • Paul Monette: Mustering
  • Toni Morrison: Can Values Be Taught in the University
  • Tiya Miles: Obama and Big History
  • Lucia Perillo: Medicine
  • Eileen Pollack: The House of the World
  • Reginald Shepherd: The Other’s Other: Against Identity Poetry
  • Tobin Siebers: My Withered Limb
  • Ilan Stavans: Translation and Identity
  • Ted Swedenberg: Seeing Double: Palestinian/American Histories of the Kufiya
  • María de los Angeles Torres: Reconciling With Our Enemies, Reconciling With Ourselves


  • Ai: The Testimony of J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • David Baker: Midwest Eclogue
  • Bertolt Brecht translated by Jon Swan: The Necessity of Propaganda
  • Victoria Chang: Currency
  • Hayan Charara: Lucy
  • Wanda Coleman: Casting Call
  • Martha Collins: Birmingham
  • Martín Espada: A Million Ants Swarming Through His Body
  • Edward Field: To My Country
  • Diane Glancy: Meatloaf
  • Laurence Goldstein: A Room in California, 1954
  • Lorna Goodison: The Mango of Poetry
  • Mark Halliday: To You in 2052
  • francine j. harris: What You’d Find Buried in the Dirt Under Charles F. Kettering Sr. High School
  • Robert Hayden: Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • Edward Hirsch: Devil’s Night
  • Lawrence Joseph: News Back Even Further Than That
  • Paulina Kaldas: Bird Lessons
  • Jen Karetnick: Custody
  • Caroline Kim: Love, In This Century
  • Carilda Oliver Labra translated by Ruth Behar: After Papa….
  • Philip Levine: My Grave
  • Campbell McGrath: Capitalist Poet #57
  • Pablo Neruda translated by Harry Thomas: To Silvestre Revueltas of Mexico, in His Death
  • Naomi Shihab Nye: Pins
  • Mary Oliver: At Round Pond
  • Linda Pastan: Prognosis
  • Robert Pinsky: The Material
  • Jacques J. Rancourt: Backyard Rock
  • Christine Rhein: Against Leaving Him
  • Adrienne Rich: Alternating Current
  • Excilia Saldana translated by Ruth Behar and David Frye: From My Name (A Family Anti-Elegy)
  • Charles Simic: To the One Upstairs
  • Danez Smith: I’m Going Back to Minnesota Where Sadness Makes Sense
  • Cathy Song: Shrinking the Uterus
  • Wisława Szymborska translated by Rick Hilles and Maja Jablońska: A Little on the Soul
  • Lewis Turco: Terzanelle
  • Kathleen Winter: Dreamland Saint
  • Leonard Wolf: On Permanence
  • Charles Wright: As Our Bodies Rise, Our Names Turn Into Light
  • Lois-Ann Yamanaka: Kala Gave Me Anykine Advice Especially About Filipinos When I Moved to Pahala
  • Yevgény Yevtushénko translated by James Ragan: Twenty-First Century
  • Zhu Zhu translated by Dong Li: Inland

You can purchase the Winter 2021 issue of MQR here.

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