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Imagined Life

You see how much work we have ahead of us-we still have that country to find, and we still have its stories to tell.

Somatic Pinging: An Interview with Hannah Ensor

“Movies work,” Hannah Ensor’s speaker posits, “because we’ve forgotten // that even when someone is an antagonist / we’re not supposed to be happy / when they die. […] Because babies are cute and also terrifying. […] Many movies work because of romantic love.” One

“The Way I Feel the World”: An Interview with Lawrence Joseph

“I was born into a Detroit that was the fourth largest city in the United States, one of America’s greatest and most important cities. I’ve been aware of its significance since I was a child. Detroit is infused throughout my work, and I mean infused: its physical and metaphorical geographies, in a large and evolving sense, are an integral part of my imagination.”