Announcing the 2017 Translation Prize Winners!

We’re so excited to announce this year’s prizewinners for the Senior Prize in Literary Translation and Contexts for Classics Translation Contest.  Congratulations to all!

Winners of the 2017 Senior Prize in Literary Translation 
Olivia Alge, Desde la ventana by Diana Chapa (Spanish) 
Zahir Allarakhia, Last Night I Dreamt of You by Bahā’ Tāhir (Arabic)
Sara Cusack, A Patient by Mianmian (Chinese)
Winners of the 2017 Contexts for Classics Translation Contest
Undergraduate Prizes:
Michael Demetriou (History and International Studies; Minor in Modern Greek)
“Antigone” (translation of modern Greek poem by Tasoula Karageoriou) 
William “Billy” Fuerst (Political Science and Modern Greek)
“The Fourteen Children” (translation of modern Greek poem Tasoula Karageorgiou)
Anna Haritos (Modern Greek, BCN)
“Do not send me mother to America” (translation of modern Greek story by Anna Siganou)
Graduate Prizes:
Amy Pistone (Classical Studies)
Euripides, “Electra” (translation of lines 1011-1051)
Megan Wilson (Classical Studies)
Sophocles, “Electra” (translation of lines 472-515)