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The leading venue for critical reassessment of Eliot’s life and work in light of the ongoing publication of his oeuvre, including poems, prose, letters, and plays. The Annual is published by the International T. S. Eliot Society and Clemson University Press in association with Liverpool University Press, and our articles are accessible via Liverpool, JSTOR Books, University Scholarship Online, and soon Project Muse. Members of the Society are entitled to free access to the Annual.

We welcome submissions pertaining to any aspect of Eliot’s work, life, and influence.  The Annual publishes essays, research notes, book reviews, and special topic forums.

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CFP for Volume 6

Volume 5 of the Annual is online

Our featured article in Volume 5 is Manju Jain’s “Through the Looking Glass: T. S. Eliot and Indian Philosophy,” a new look at Eliot’s engagement with Indian philosophy in light of his Complete Prose and Letters.  Jain examines Eliot’s many points of contact with and ambivalence towards Sanskrit texts and Eastern religious ideas, comparing his attitudes to those of his teachers and contemporaries. With extensive, searching documentation, Jain’s scholarship offers the definitive investigation of Eliot and Indian philosophy for our generation. We are pleased to be able to make her work digitally available to the whole world.

Volume 5 also includes a forum on teaching The Waste Land, articles by Doug Mao, Ria Banerjee, Sarah Kennedy, Sara Fitzgerald, and Leonard Diepeveen. We inaugurate two new sections: Research Notes by emerging scholars—Isabelle Stuart, Caylin Capra-Thomas, and Huiming Liu—and Book Reviews. The wealth of new books on Eliot published in 2022 alone made reviews an imperative; this volume includes reviews of books by Lyndall Gordon, Robert Crawford, Jayme Stayer, Derek Gladwin, and Rick de Villiers. 

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“The People of The Waste Land,” Douglas Mao

“Through the Looking Glass: T. S. Eliot and Indian Philosophy,” Manju Jain

“Exit Scenes: Towards an Anticolonial Eliot,” Ria Banerjee

“Religion, Rites, and Emily Hale, ” Sara Fitzgerald

“Eliot Among the Rag-Pickers: Waste, Hope and the Ecocritical Imagination in The Waste Land,” Sarah Kennedy

“The Unnatural Excesses of T. S. Eliot,” Leonard Diepeveen

Forum: Teaching The Waste Land

“Introduction,” Megan Quigley and John Whittier-Ferguson

“Students-as-Pound: Creative Assignment on The Waste Land,” Brian Kennedy

“Duets and Deadness,” Josh Epstein

“Teaching Difficulty,” Johanna Winant

“Teaching The Waste Land, Teaching Composition,” Joshua Logan Wall

“What Have We Given? Notes on The Waste Land from India,” K. Narayana Chandran

“Teaching Past The Waste Land’s Annotation Problem,” Martin Lockerd

“Teaching The Waste Land with the Hale Archive,” Frances Dickey

Teaching The Waste Land, contd.

“Teaching The Waste Land to Japanese Students,” Junichi Saito

“The Wrong Way to Teach The Waste Land,” Anthony Cuda

Research Notes

“Reading Eliot Aloud,” Isabelle Stuart     

“What the Thunder Said: Environmental Agency in The Waste Land,” Caylin Capra-Thomas

“Towards a Reparative Reading of ‘Portrait of a Lady,’” Huiming Liu

Book Reviews

“A ‘Companionable Guide’ to T. S. Eliot: Review of Robert Crawford’s Eliot After The Waste Land,” Timothy Materer

“Eliot Among the Women: Review of Lyndall Gordon’s The Hyacinth Girl and Ann Pasternak Slater’s The Fall of a Sparrow,” Frances Dickey

“From Tom Eliot to T. S. Eliot: Finding Voice and Audience in Jayme Stayer’s Becoming T. S. Eliot,” Edward Upton

“Giving Eliot a Seat at the Table: Review of Derek Gladwin’s Gastro-modernism,” Christina Lambert

“Review of Rick de Villiers’ Eliot and Beckett’s Low Modernism,” Peter Lang


“T. S. Eliot Bibliography 2021,” Joshua Richards

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