“Know them By Their Hats”

“Know them By Their Hats” (Among Us Mortals, 09/17/1944)
by W.E. (William Ely) Hill (1887-1962)
18.5 x 15 in., ink on board

W.E. (William Ely) Hill (1887-1962) was known for his masterful black and white Sunday page, “Among Us Mortals,” sometimes referred to as the Hill Page. Please see the Gallery description for more about Hill.

From this September 17, 1944 edition, titled “The Liquor Drought,” some quotes:

“The Cutie. This headgear is a favorite with the girl who is almost too cute to let live. The kind who says, “Don’t I say the CRAZIEST things!”

“The rakish angle. Watch out girls, this means “Wolf!” “

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