“Monday Breakfast”

“Monday Breakfast” (Among Us Mortals, 03/02/1949)
by W.E. (William Ely) Hill (1887-1962)
18.5 x 15 in., ink on board
Coppola Collection

W.E. (William Ely) Hill (1887-1962) was known for his masterful black and white Sunday page, “Among Us Mortals,” sometimes referred to as the Hill Page. Please see the Gallery description for more about Hill.

From this March 2, 1949 edition, titled “Monday Breakfast,” some quotes:

“These two lovelies room together and are breakfasting in the bathroom. They both have office jobs and are very introspective on Monday mornings. Each is thinking, “Oh, dear! Another week ahead at that office.” ”

“After breakfast. With husband out of the way and the children off to school the little wife takes time out to tune in her favorite soap opera. The Saturday episode was thrilling and she doesn’t want to miss anything.“

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