2018 CfC Translation Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Context for Classics Translation Contest! Two graduate students and three undergraduate students were awarded the prize this year.

Undergraduate Prizes
Liliana Talwatte for her translation from Greek of The Frogs (lines 952-1044 and 1364-1398) by Aristophanes
Ashley Tomaszewski for her translation from modern Greek of poems from Gloria in Excelsis by Haris Psarras
Molly Schaub for her translation from Greek, Sappic in C Major (A Musical Translation of Select Fragments of Sappho)

Graduate Student Prizes
Amy Barker for her translation from Latin of De Consolatione Philosophiae 1.6-Metron 7 by Boethius
Maxwell Lykins for his translation from Latin of Heroides 5.7-38 by Ovid