Kyzer Roll (A.K.A. Kyzer Agustus) – Robin Queen

Kyzer Roll (A.K.A. Kyzer Agustus)

About Me

I used to be the youngest pup in the house until Lad came along. I was also pretty much unexpected. Robin was kind of joking with my breeder that she and Susan would take a puppy if there was one left over in my mom’s litter. Ha ha–guess what, there was and it was me!

My mom is a famous stockdog who has competed in some very top trials and done well. My dad is a rising star. We’ll see what I turn into. Right now, I’m still kind of goofy and puppy-like. And I sure do love my feather bed.

Just the facts

About my name

My people were looking for a name with different initial sounds and also another German name. They thought Kyzer sounded appropriately regal given my stellar breeding.

My name before


Other things I’m called

Ky, Ky-roo, Ky-rooster, Rooster, Roo-roo, Kroo, Kruiser, Krooby, Krooby-doo, Ky-rooby

Gotcha Day

October 21, 2006

What I am

Smooth coated Border Collie

Where I’m from

Gusto Kennel, Cohoctah, MI

My parents

Molly of Cohoctah and Shep of Scotland

My position on a football team

Running back

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Gallery: Working

Gallery: A different kind of work

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