Pippin Noodle Moy – Robin Queen

Pippin Noodle Moy

About Me

What can I say? I’m the first Border Collie and the one who taught my people everything they know about Border Collies.

I came home on New Year’s Eve 2003 when I was 7 weeks old. I quickly learned how to handle the kitties and Renzo became my friend right away. The people were wrapped around my tiny paws from the get-go.

Even though I was supposed to be a flyball dog, I never really liked the game much. It’s so much more fun to give kisses and play fetch. I also like to work sheep and work on my agility moves. And I keep a blog with my important thoughts.

Just the facts

About my name

I’m named after an heirloom apple because my breeder’s last name is McIntosh.

My name before


Other things I’m called

Pippi, Pippi-dip, Dippi-do, Pip-kip, Pipster, Pippin Noodle, Pip

Gotcha Day

Nov. 8, 2003

What I am

Border Collie, with ticking

Where I’m from

Moy Hall Farm; Ontario, Canada

My parents…

Ness and Radar, both of Ontario

My position on a football team

Wide receiver

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