Undergraduates – Robin Queen


Advised Undergraduate Research


Stephanie Stoneback. “Women usually want to please”: A linguistic analysis of femininity and power in Mad Men. Honors Thesis Evaluator. English, 2019.

Carly Marten. Narratives of Female Circumcision in Ethiopia. Honors Thesis “B” Reader. Linguistics and Women’s Studies, Winter 2019. Recipient of the Raoul Wallenberg Humanitarian Award.

Ariel Rogan. Course Consultant for LING370, Winter 2016.

Sarah Dougherty. Language, gender and media. Independent Research. Summer/Fall 2015.

Cindy Lupiya. Course Consultant for Linguistics 370. Winter 2015, Winter 2016.

Natalie Rodriquez. Course Consultant for LING 370. Winter 2015.

Emily Kuret. Talking Sense to the Dog. Winter 2015. Independent Research.

Isabel McKay. Laughing with Letters. Honors Thesis “B” Advisor. Linguistics, 2014-15. Recipient of the Matt Alexander Award and Virginia Voss Award.

Andrew Peters. Linguistic Analysis of the television anti-hero. Honors Thesis “B” Advisor. English, 2014–15.

Victoria Borders. Gender representation in film. Honors Thesis “A” Advisor. Linguistics, 2014–2015.

Meghan Drews. Language and Sexuality. Honors Thesis “A” Advisor. Linguistics, 2014–2015.

Robert McWilliams. Mapping the Web of Language in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. Honors Thesis Evaluator. English, Winter 2014.

Rachel Oakford. Testing the Bechdel Test (independent research). Winter 2014.

Jenny Chung. Language Variation on The Wire (independent research). Spring/Summer 2012.

Sarah Hansen. International GSIs and linguistic discrimination. Honors Thesis “A” Reader. 2011–2012.

Jacqueline Fiscus. Language variation on “The L Word”. Honors Thesis “A” Reader. Winter 2011.

Cheryl Jeffries. Gender and Linguistic typicality (independent research). Spring/summer 2010.

Lindsay Blackwell. Narrative organization in IM conversations. Honors Thesis “B” Reader, Winter 2010.

Eun Lee. Language and Sexuality (independent research). Winter 2010.

Andrea Sexton. Language and the Media (independent research). Winter 2010.


Charlie Fletcher. Language and sexual identity in Madrid. Honors Thesis “A” reader, 2009.

Kyle Kreshover. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, 2007–2008.

Michael Peers. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, 2007–2008.

Joseph Swaka. What is a ‘leading question’ in courtroom discourse? Honor’s Thesis “A” advisor, 2007.

Julia Malette. Bilingual education in Honduras. Honors Thesis “A” advisor, 2005.

Nina Simms. Prosodic disambiguation. Honors Thesis “B” advisor, 2004.

Cristina Cocadiz. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, 2003-2004.

Ben Becker. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, 2003-2004.

Nicole Clifford. Language preservation in Basque. Honors Thesis “B” reader, 2003.

Lynn Butler. Gender assignment of borrowed English words. Honors Thesis “B” reader, 2001.

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