Pre-Candidacy Advising – Robin Queen

Pre-Candidacy Advising


Carrie Ann Morgan. Sociolinguistics. “A” Reader, Dec. 2019.

Kelly Wright. Sociophonetics. Co-“A” Reader, Dec. 2019.

Dominique Canning. Sociolinguistics. “A” Reader, March 2019.

Rachel Weissler. Socioinguistics “A” Reader, Dec. 2018.

Ian Calloway. Phonetics. “B” Reader, Dec. 2016.

Hayley Heaton. Sociolinguistics. “A” Reader, December 2014.

Sarah Swofford. English and Education. Second Year Exam Committee, August 2013.

Christopher Parsons. English and Education. First Year Exam Committee. August 2012.

Joseph Tyler. Intonation and Discourse Structure. “A” Reader, May 2010.


Eric Brown. Tone and Lao Heritage speakers. “A” Reader, December 2009.

Lauren Squires. Sociolinguistics. “A” reader, December 2008.

Brook Hefright. Sociolinguistics/Language contact. “A” reader. December 2007.

Adile de Leon. German-Turkish film and literature. Prelim Committee, November 2006.

Anna Babel. Language contact. “B” Reader, April 2006.

Sai Samant. Sociolinguistics. “A” Reader, January 2005.

Rizwan Ahmad. Sociolinguistics. “A” Reader, December 2004.

Lisa Del Torto. Sociolinguistics “A” Reader, December 2004.

Robert Felty. Germanic Linguistics. “B” Reader, July 2004.

Vera Eremeeva. Germanic linguistics. “A” reader. September 2003.

Mark Sicoli. Linguistic anthropology. “B” Reader, May 2002.

Dan Richards. Germanic Linguistics. “B” Reader, January 2002.

Jennifer Nguyen. Sociolinguistics. “B” Reader, January 2002.

Dushyanthi Mendis. Sociolinguistics. “A” Reader, September 2001.

Erik Schleef. Germanic Linguistics/Sociolinguistics. “A” Reader, September 2001.

Ashley Williams. Sociolinguistics. “A” Reader, April, 2001.

Dan Richards. Germanic Linguistics Comprehensive Exam, Winter 2000.


Erik Schleef. Germanic Linguistics Comprehensive Exam, Fall 1999 (Kent State University).

Fred Wright. Rhetoric and Composition Comprehensive Exam, Spring 1999 (Kent State University).

Bruce Ray. TESL Comprehensive Exam, Fall 1998 (Kent State University).

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