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Welcome to Global Feminisms at the University of Michigan

The Global Feminisms Project (GFP) collects interviews with women’s movement activists and women’s studies scholars in sites around the world.
The archive includes interviews with women from Brazil, China, Germany, India, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, and the United States.

 Access to the interview transcripts and videos is available in the original language or in English. When using material from the interview transcripts and/or other materials on this Web site, we expect that sources will be properly credited. Citations may be to the website as a whole (, to a particular page (such as the lesson plan for teaching about intersectionality:, or to a particular interview transcript (such as

Watch the Zoom recording of the October 9, 2021, Global Feminisms conference, “Teaching Global Feminisms: Using Activist Interviews Across Disciplines,” here!

Lesson plans may be accessed under “Topical Lesson Plans Using the Global Feminisms Project” in the Teaching dropdown menu above.

Contextualizing Feminist Voices Podcast

Our podcast series, Contextualizing Feminist Voices, was recorded in 2021 to provide additional information on the project’s materials. Each episode is brief (less than 10 minutes), with a project collaborator interviewing an expert who can provide context for the other materials and interviews. 

Listen to the podcasts here!

Lesson Plans

Instructors are encouraged to use our topical lesson plans to teach about the diversity of women’s experiences and feminisms. The lesson plans are organized by key terms; instructors may also use the website’s search function to find lesson plans that include the key concepts, methods, or country sites they want to teach.

What’s New at Global Feminisms

Global Feminisms Project staff members Abby Stewart and Marisol Fila were interviewed for an episode of the podcast Gender Matters. Their conversation with the host provides an introduction to the project and information about new and upcoming activities. Listen to the podcast here!

Read the recently-released UN report on “New Feminist Activism” here!

Check out this recent online exhibit created by Liangyu Fu (Chinese Studies Librarian) and Meredith Kahn (Women’s Studies Librarian) documenting feminist activism in China! Above Ground: China’s Young Feminist Activists and Forty Moments of Transformation

Maureen Taylor and Marion Kramer spoke at a rally in Detroit, Michigan in June 2020, and a video of their speech recorded by the group Detroit Will Breathe can be found here.

The New York Times published an article about Loretta Ross on November 19th, 2020, which can be found here.

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