Podcasts – Global Feminisms Project


Our podcasts are also available on Anchor and Pocket Casts!

The Global Feminisms Project podcasts were created with a generous project grant from the University of Michigan Humanities Collaboratory.

Contextualizing Feminist Voices: The Country Sites

These podcasts, recorded in 2021, aim to provide listeners with additional information on the project’s interviews. In each episode, a project collaborator briefly interviews an expert on one of the country sites.

Contextualizing Feminist Voices: Teaching with the Global Feminisms Project

These podcasts focus on how individual teachers have used the materials in their courses. In each episode, you will hear strategies for using the materials that different faculty tried, as well as their thoughts about what those strategies allowed them to accomplish in their teaching.

Introduction to Global Feminisms

Global Feminisms Project staff members Abby Stewart and Marisol Fila were interviewed for an episode of the podcast Gender Matters. Their conversation with the host provides an introduction to the project and information about new and upcoming activities.

Student Podcast About Chinese Feminism

Andreea Coscai’s Who Holds Up Half the Sky – Podcast on Chinese Feminism focuses on critical issues from censorship of Chinese feminists to the broader meaning of feminism and transnational solidarity. In this podcast, Andreea, a 2022 Bennington College graduate, also interviews GFP staff members Özge Savaş and Wang Zheng.

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