Gender Lesson Plan – Global Feminisms Project

Gender Lesson Plan

Creator: Özge Savaş
Duration: 1 – 2 class periods
Published: Fall 2020


In this lesson, students will be given various kinds of data and analytical tools to gain a gender perspective in analyzing data. Students will examine images of gendered toys and read/watch lived experiences about gender socialization and/or lived experiences of coming out as an LGBT individual. They will learn to analyze these various forms of evidence with the help of texts written by feminist scholars.

Keywords: Gender, Sex, Sexuality, Binary
Country sites: Brazil, China, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Poland, USA

Learning Objectives

  • Discern and define gender, sex, sexuality and examine the social construction of them as co-dependent.
  • Identify sexism and androcentrism, and develop a descriptive language to analyze images, data and stories from a gender lens.
  • Discuss gender socialization, gender roles, and gender binary.
  • Examine complexity of sex and gender through interpretation of lived experience in light of feminist scholarship.



Activity One: How is Gender Assigned?
The instructor may realize that most students are familiar with gender as a social construct, but they do not think of sex as a social construct. Activity One is designed to challenge this assumption with examples from the Global Feminisms Project Interviews combined with other examples from popular culture. The instructor may choose to use other examples to enrich the understanding that sex and gender binaries reproduce each other. The goal here is to give the students the tools to identify and critique all things gendered and sexed that they see around them all the time.

Duration: 35 minutes

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Activity Two: What/Who Is It That We Are Attracted To?
Students will study examples of how individuals understand their sex, gender, and sexuality as codependent, reflect on their own lived experiences, and examine texts by feminist scholars in order to appreciate the complexity of sex, gender, and sexuality.

Duration: 25 minutes

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Assessment: Gender and Patriarchy Across the Globe
This assignment encourages students to think about the similarities and differences in how two women from very different contexts give meaning to their gender, sex, and sexuality. Students are asked to compare and contrast these two experiences with the provided prompts, and come up with a synthesis of how patriarchy operates across geographical divides.

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