Topical Lesson Plans Using the Global Feminisms Project

How to find which lesson plan works best for your class?

You can use the search function on the website to search for the key concepts or a method you want to teach. For example, you can search for the word “race” or the phrase “race and gender” or “oral history.” You will be directed to the lesson plans in which these concepts or methods are taught with various activities using feminist and critical pedagogies.

You can also search for the country sites you would like to teach about if your class has a particular geographical focus. Searching for the country site will bring up all the lesson plans that have activities using that country or countries. Of course you can always use material from different countries that you choose yourself! In addition, each country site’s webpage contains further information and materials that could be useful for teaching, with or without the lesson plans presented here.

How to use the lesson plans?

We are aware that each instructor has certain preferences, and every class is different. Therefore, all the suggested lesson plans give you lots of different choices and flexibility to pair things as you wish.

Each Lesson Plan essentially has three different kinds of materials.

  • A Lesson Plan which includes brief information on each related Activity and Assignment, as well as an overall description, and suggestions for how to use different parts of a Lesson Plan together.
  • The Activities (potentially more than one in a given lesson plan) and Assignments. These documents provide detailed information for in-class implementation of Activities or detailed grading rubrics for home Assignments.
  • The Handouts, Excerpts, Power Point Slides and Video Clips. These documents are the student-facing elements of a Lesson Plan that the instructor can choose to use in class or distribute to the students online.

In order to see if the lesson plan on a certain topic might be useful to you, the first document you should look at is the Lesson Plan itself. All the Activities, and Assignments suggested in a given Lesson Plan are linked within the Lesson Plan document, and downloadable separately or as an entire folder from the website.

We propose a sequence that can be found in each lesson plan, but the instructors are free to choose only the Activities and Assignments that are useful to them, especially if they have time concerns or particular different pedagogical goals. For each proposed Activity, the estimated duration is indicated in the Activity sheet, as well as on the page where the Activity is downloaded from. We would love to hear from you if you use these materials in the classroom. We hope to continue updating the website with new teaching ideas and experiences. Contact us at if you have any questions or to tell us about your experience with teaching using the Archive. We would like to know which lesson plans you used, which aspects of the lesson plans you found useful, and what could be improved.

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