Interviews as Narrative, Data, and Sources Lesson Plan – Global Feminisms Project

Interviews as Narrative, Data, and Sources Lesson Plan

Creator: Özge Savaş
Duration: 1 – 2 class periods
Published: Summer 2020


In this lesson, students will learn the heterogeneity and richness qualitative methods, specifically narrative research, offers. Students will be able to generate new research questions, apply coding and analysis for oral history and life history research, by using the interviews in the Global Feminisms Project Archive.

Keywords: Narrative Research, Oral History, Qualitative Research, Interview, Life History Research, Coding, Qualitative Data Analysis
Country sites: Nicaragua, China, India, Brazil, Poland, USA

Learning Objectives

  • Students will identify and generate appropriate research questions for oral history research and for life history research.
  • Students will code and analyze interview data in order to answer questions of oral history research and life history research.



Activity One: Asking the Right Question
This jigsaw group activity helps students identify different research questions they could ask to interpret/analyze data collected with the life history interviewing method. Students are encouraged to generate appropriate research questions to conduct an oral history project and/or a life history research project.

Duration: 30 – 45 minutes

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Activity Two: Making Claims based on the Data
Through this activity students will be familiarized to the coding process; they will identify codes and be able to infer meanings from segmented text. They will also further understand the kinds of claims that could be made by using oral history and life history research.

Duration: 45 minutes

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Assessment: Using Interviews in Research
This assignment encourages students to apply their knowledge of narrative research on their own. Students are asked to generate their own research questions after reading two selected interviews from one field site and develop a coding scheme and a preliminary analysis based on the codes.

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