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The writer wears headphones and holds a pink donut with sprinkles

Elizabeth Wason

Elizabeth Wason talks about science writing and her work as managing editor for Resources for the Future, a DC think tank. We talk about getting accessible expert insight and research in front of policymakers. We also talk about writing through editing, about “getting out of the way” in collaboration, and about creating visually compelling composition.

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From the Living Writers family photo album circa 2009, celebrating the holidays at the local Irish pub.
Elizabeth Wason engineered Living Writers episodes for a decade!
Pictured: Jim “Tex” Manheim, The Liz, and T

Recorded August 8, 2020

The Liz at WCBN FM

Bonus//The Liz’s Playlist

Destiny’s Child, Bootylicious

Laleh, Samuel

Lorde, Royals

Lizzo, Like a girl

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