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  • Fady Joudah
    Palestinian American poet Fady Joudah talks about growing up in the Middle East and returning to the States for undergrad and med school. We talk about translation and adaptation, identity, and “what a Palestinian voice …

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  • MARCH: Congressman John Lewis with Andew Aydin and Nate Powell
    From the archive: 2017 Rest in power, John.   Join us for a special program featuring a conversation with Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell about their trilogy MARCH.  We also hear …

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  • Catherine Lacey
    Catherine Lacey reads from Certain American States: Stories (Picador 2018) in a special Fundraiser 2020 episode of Living Writers. We talk about websites, irresolution, humor, dogs, and her novel Pew out in May 2020. …

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  • Ilya Kaminsky
    Ilya Kaminsky reads from Deaf Republic (Graywolf Press 2019). We talk about language and silence, fabulism, the imagined town of Vasenka with its puppet theater, and poets that inspire. Download Audio  
  • Jac Jemc
    Jac Jemc reads from False Bingo (FSG Originals 2019). We talk about tactical elements of the writing life.  We also talk about being playful, about finding and building community, and about a frog.
  • Emmy Kastner
    Summer host Amanda Uhle talks with Emmy Kastner about her book series Nerdy Babies (Macmillan 2019).
  • Li-Young Lee
    Li-Young Lee talks about scarcity, best words, A Love Supreme, and the attempt to understand our collective human mission.  The featured book is The Undressing (Norton 2018) Download Audio *Please note: there were …

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  • Mohja Kahf
    Mohja Kahf reads from Hagar Poems (University of Arkansas Press 2016). We talk about the intersecting stories of Hagar, Abraham and Sarah, traditional narratives, and  reconfiguring stories for the current moment–and Mohja also reads poems from the new …

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  • David Lagercrantz
    David Lagercrantz reads from The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Knopf 2017), the latest in the Lisbeth Salander series. We talk about continuing Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series, being a board member of PEN …

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  • Janet Kauffman
    Janet Kauffman reads poems from Eco-dementia (Wayne State University Press, Fall 2017). We talk about mixed media projects, assemblages, nature and activism. Download Audio
  • Oneita Jackson
    Detroit writer Oneita Jackson, author of Letters from Mrs. Grundy and Nappy-Headed Negro Syndrome joins guest host Amanda Uhle for a conversation about manners, grace, and customer service – with a special emphasis on cab drivers. Download …

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  • Zilka Joseph
    Zilka Joseph reads from her book of poems Sharp Blue Search of Flame, published by Wayne State University Press. Download Audio For more about the author, click here!
  • Laila Lalami
    Laila Lalami reads from her novel The Moor’s Account published now in paperback by Vintage & Anchor Books. We talk about historical fiction: the historical record and the historical imagination. We also talk about the mind …

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  • Kelly Link
    Kelly Link reads from her collection of short stories Get In Trouble published by Random House. We talk about writing a story without something “magical” in it. We also talk about taxidermy, Ray Bradbury, …

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  • Norton Juster
    Norton Juster reads from his classic The Phantom Tollbooth reissued for its 50th Anniversary by Knopf (2011). We talk about the imagination and the lands beyond. Download Audio
  • J. A. Jance
    J. A. Jance reads from the latest in her Joanna Brady mystery series Remains of Innocence published by William Morrow. We talk about telling a good story and creating suspense. We also talk about her …

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  • Thomas Lynch
    Thomas Lynch joins T in a conversation to celebrate National Poetry Month, featuring poems by Conrad Hilberry and his collection published by Wayne State University Press Until The Full Moon Has Its Say. Also …

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  • A. Van Jordan
    From the archive: 2013 A. Van Jordan reads poems from The Cineaste (W. W. Norton & Company 2014).  We talk about the love of film, family, and organists.  We talk about disappearing and emerging …

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  • Megan Levad
    Megan Levad reads poems from You Are Where You Live and from Another & Another: an anthology from The Grind Daily Writing Series published by Bull City Press. We talk about composing a libretto …

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  • Philip Levine
    From the archive: 2012 Philip Levine talks about writing every day.  We also talk about Aunt Belle, Spain, anarchism, Larry Levis, pianist Bill Evans, Detroit, and Adrienne Rich.  Books on the table with us: …

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  • Scott Lasser
    Scott Lasser talks about his novel Say Nice Things About Detroit published by W.W. Norton & Company. Download Audio For more about the author, click here! photo credit: Joanne Chen
  • Ish Klein
    Ish Klein reads from Moving Day published by Canarium Books.  We talk about the momentum of long poems, connection and compassion, filmmaking and puppets. Download Audio photo credit: Nerve Lantern
  • Jonathan Lethem
    A conversation with Jonathan Lethem, a very good sport indeed. Jonathan Lethem‘s visit also marks WCBN’s fundraising week. We talk about his books Motherless Brooklyn, The Fortress of Solitude and Chronic City published in paperback by Vintage. …

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  • Yusef Komunyakaa
    From the archives: 2010 Yusef Komunyakaa reads poems from Pleasure Dome:New and Collected Poems (Wesleyan 2001), Warhorses (FSG 2008) and Chameleon Couch (Macmillan 2011). We talk about the leaps of lyrical narrative, the particular perfection …

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  • Twesigye Jackson Kaguri
    From the archive: 2010 Twesigye Jackson Kaguri reads from his book The Price of Stones: Building A School For My Village (Penguin Group USA 2010). We talk about how he founded a school in rural …

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  • Lorrie Moore
    From the archive: 2009 Lorrie Moore reads from her novel A Gate at the Stairs (Knopf 2009). We talk about the music of writing within the novel and the short story.  We also talk …

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  • Julian Levinson
    Julian Levinson reads from his book Exiles on Main Street: Jewish American Writers and American Literary Cultur” (2008) published by Indiana University Press.  We talk about Walt Whitman, Emma Lazarus and The Rolling Stones.  We also talk about …

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  • Randall Kennedy
    Randall Kennedy reads from Sellout: The Politics of Racial Betrayal (Pantheon Books 2008). We talk about the power of language and Clarence Thomas as a case study.   Download Audio
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