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  • Elizabeth Wason
    Elizabeth Wason talks about science writing and her work as managing editor for Resources for the Future, a DC think tank. We talk about getting accessible expert insight and …

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  • Andre Williams
    From the archive: 2010 Andre Williams reads from his book Sweets and Other Stories (Kicks Books 2009). You may know Andre, as many do, as “Mr. Rhythm” from his …

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  • Anne Waldman
    From the archive: 2012 Anne Waldman reads from The Iovis Trilogy:  Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment–a project that spanned 26 years (Coffee House Press). We talk about collaboration, Ginsberg, manatees, and …

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  • Jean Valentine
    From the archive: 2015 Poet Jean Valentine reads from Break the Glass and Shirt In Heaven (Copper Canyon Press). We talk about memory, elegy, music and dreaming. Take heart. …

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  • C.D. Wright
    From the archives: 2008 C.D. Wright reads from her book of poems Rising, Falling, Hovering (Copper Canyon Press).  We talk about misery and love, “making it up,” and what it …

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  • Alice Walker
    From the archives Alice Walker talks about Zora Neale Hurston, voting, activism, inheritance, offerings,”This Human Journey,” and gardens.
  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh reads from his book of poems Reckonings (Baobab 2019). We talk about a poem’s responsibility, connecting across time,  and a spelter zinc plant.
  • Markus Zusak
    Markus Zusak reads from Bridge of Clay (Knopf 2018). We talk about the lives of boys, long projects, structure and redemption.
  • Sarah Vowell
    Summer host Amanda Uhle talks with historian, author, journalist, essayist, and actress Sarah Vowell. Vowell has written seven nonfiction books on American history and culture, was a contributing editor …

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  • Ocean Vuong
    Guest host Amanda Uhle talks with Ocean Vuong author of On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous (Penguin Press 2019) about poetry, memory, masculinity, language, newcomers to America, and finding a …

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  • Mabel O. Wilson
    Mabel O. Wilson reads from Begin With the Past: Building the National Museum of African American History and Culture (Smithsonian Books 2016). We’ll talk about design, dissertation to book, museums, …

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  • Michael Zadoorian
    Michael Zadoorian reads from his new novel Beautiful Music (Akashic Books 2018).  We talk about his factory-town approach to writing and his strong sense of place; we also talk about his father’s struggle …

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  • Weike Wang
    Weike Wang reads from her debut novel Chemistry now out in paperback (Vintage Books 2018). We talk about voice, nontraditional chapters and leaps, writing the second book, dogs and fun facts …

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  • Robert Yoon
    Robert Yoon is a political journalist, former Knight-Wallace Fellow and former host of “The J Word,” WCBN’s public affairs program about journalism and current events. We talk about the Michigan …

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  • Gerald Vizenor
    Gerald Vizenor  was in town to present the 2018 Robert F. Berkhofer Jr. Lecture in Native American Studies. We talk about haiku, sound and motion, ethical experience, and choosing chance.   Download Audio …

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  • Chris Van Allsburg
    Guest host Amanda Uhle speaks with Chris Van Allsburg, author/illustrator of 19 books for children and illustrator of three more. Mr. Van Allsburg came to Ann Arbor recently to promote …

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  • Stephen M. Ward
    Stephen M. Ward talks about his book In Love and Struggle: The Revolutionary Lives of James and Grace Lee Boggs out with University of North Carolina Press in their Justice, Power, and Politics series.  We talk about …

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  • Alexander Weinstein
    Alexander Weinstein reads from his debut collection of stories Children of the New World published by Picador.  We talk about writing speculative short fiction.  We also talk about rockets, empathy, teaching, and translation. …

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  • Claire Vaye Watkins
    Claire Vaye Watkins reads from her novel Gold Fame Citrus published by Riverhead Books. We’ll talk about invention, faith, the desert, water. Download Audio For more about the …

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  • Cat Warren
    Cat Warren reads from What the Dog Knows: Scent, Science, and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World published by Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, Inc. We talk about science journalism …

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  • Jesse Walker
    Jesse Walker reads from The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory (2013) published by HarperCollins. We talk about things that might make you nervous – and also rebels on …

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  • Franz Wright
    Franz Wright reads prose poems from his collection Kindertotenwald published by Knopf’s Borzoi Books. Download Audio
  • Laura Wetherington
    Laura Wetherington reads from her debut collection A Map Predetermined and Chance published by Fence Books for The National Poetry Series. We talk about putting together a first book and about editing the audio journal  We also talk …

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  • Abraham Verghese
    Abraham Verghese reads from his novel Cutting for Stone published by Vintage Books.  We talk about writing fiction that spans continents and history.  We also talk about memoir, his life in …

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  • Colson Whitehead
    Colson Whitehead reads from his novel Sag Harbor published by Doubleday. We talk about drawing on your own past and using elements of autobiography to frame what ideas you want …

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