• Lorna Goodison

    Lorna Goodison

    In May of this year Lorna Goodison became the Poet Laureate of Jamaica. In a conversation from December 2014, we talk about … » Read More »
Stephen Rush
Michigan’s own Stephen Rush reads from Free Jazz, Harmolodics, and Ornette Coleman (Routledge 2017).  We talk about the principle of human equality, enlightenment, Read more.
Karen Dionne at the mic
Karen Dionne
Karen Dionne reads from The Marsh King’s Daughter (Putnam 2017). We talk about writing a psychological suspense, fairy tales, and the UP. Download Read more.
David Lagercrantz
David Lagercrantz reads from The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Knopf 2017), the latest in the Lisbeth Salander series. Read more.
Douglas Trevor
Douglas Trevor reads from his latest collection of stories The Book of Wonders (six one seven books 2017).  We talk about Radiohead, Read more.

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