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Amanda Haimerl
Amy Haimerl, author of Detroit Hustle,  talks with Amanda on books, writing, Detroit, Read more.
John Ganiard
A conversation with Literati Bookstore’s John Ganiard. We talk about upcoming events Read more.
Elizabeth George
Elizabeth George reads from the crime novel in her Inspector Lynley Series A Read more.
Dan Gerber
Dan Gerber reads from his book A Primer on Parallel Read more.
Dan Gerber + Joseph Bednarik
Dan Gerber reads poems from Sailing Through Cassiopeia (Copper Canyon Read more.
Masha Gessen
Writer, activist and Wallenberg Medalist Masha Gessen discusses her book The Read more.
Phoebe Gloekner
Phoebe Gloekner reads from The Diary of a Teenage Girl: Read more.
Ann Goldstein
Translator Ann Goldstein reads from her latest work, the fourth Read more.
Laurence Goldstein
Poet Laurence Goldstein discusses the life and poems of Robert Read more.
Lorna Goodison
Poet Lorna Goodison reads from her many lovely books. We Read more.