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  • Joy Harjo
    From the archive 2017 Joy Harjo talks about Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings and Crazy Brave (W.W. Norton).  We talk about perceived power, flying, stories and the saxophone, and debut her latest song! Joy Harjo gave the Second Annual Robert …

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  • Amy Hempel
    From the archive: 2008 Amy Hempel reads from The Collected Stories (Scribner 2007). We talk about writing short shorts and writing prose poems–and about having that first line–how it shows you the way to the story. …

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  • Kristin Hersh, Grant-Lee Phillips and John Doe
    While in Ann Arbor, Kristin Hersh, Grant-Lee Phillips, and John Doe talk about their The Exile Follies 2020 tour. We talk about collaboration and process, mystery, and creating experience. We also talk about how music is fearless. …

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  • Jeannie Gaffigan
    Jeannie Gaffigan reads from When Life Gives You Pears (Grand Central Publishing 2019). We talk about memoir, comedy writing and The Imagine Society.  We also talk about family, faith, and healing.
  • Joanna Howard
    Summer host Amanda Uhle talks with Joanna Howard, author of the novel Foreign Correspondent and three short story collections. Her memoir, Rerun Era, is due out in October 2019 from McSweeney’s. We talk about memory and memoir, The …

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  • Cristina Henríquez
    Summer host Amanda Uhle talks with Cristina Henríquez, author of The Book of Unknown Americans (Vintage 2014). Her other work includes The World in Half and the short story collection Come Together, Fall Apart. We talk about …

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  • Eugene Huskey
    Eugene Huskey reads from Encounters at the Edge of the Muslim World: A Political Memoir of Kyrgyzstan (Rowman & Littlefield 2018). We talk about revolutions, fledgling democracy, friendship and the twists of fate.
  • John Ganiard
    A conversation with Literati Bookstore’s John Ganiard. We talk about upcoming events and ways to be involved at the bookstore as well as some winter book picks and what’s on the horizon (is it too early to …

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  • Bob Hicok
    Bob Hicok reads from Hold (Copper Canyon Press 2018). We talk about the making of a poem and removing stops between things, like our minds do. We also talk about violence and stories and feeling invincible while writing. …

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  • Samantha Irby
    Guest host Amanda Uhle talks with Samantha Irby, author of the bestseller We Are Never Meeting in Real Life and Meaty. Samantha is also creator of the blog Bitches Gotta Eat. Meaty is currently being developed as a comedy series with FX, …

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  • Steve Hughes
    Steve Hughes reads from Stiff (Wayne State University Press 2018).  We talk about short stories, launch points, Detroit, first person, community and zines. Download Audio Link to writer’s website  
  • Daniel Gumbiner
    Guest host Amanda Uhle talks with Daniel Gumbiner, managing editor of The Believer and author of The Boatbuilder (McSweeney’s 2018), long-listed for the National Book Award for Fiction.  They talk about coming of age stories, …

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  • Donald Hall
    From the Archives: Donald Hall reads two poems that he wrote while teaching here at Michigan. We also talk about poetry as a vocation, Eagle Pond farm, a life inside and outside academia, the art of revision, …

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  • Lorna Goodison
    In May of this year Lorna Goodison became the Poet Laureate of Jamaica. In a conversation from December 2014, we talk about how place has influenced her poems – from sunshine and salt to Michigan’s …

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  • Hilary Gustafson
    Hilary Gustafson of Literati Bookstore talks about her picks for great summer reading by the lake shore or here in town, as well as the latest happenings at the shop. Also, as we say hallo …

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  • Steve Hamilton
    Steve Hamilton talks about his latest Nick Mason novel Exit Strategy out with Putnam.  We talk about working in a series, screenplays, switching publishers, promises, writers groups, and the dark side of the self. Download Audio To …

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  • Amanda Haimerl
    Amy Haimerl, author of Detroit Hustle,  talks with Amanda on books, writing, Detroit, money, home ownership, finance, and everything else they’ll try to cover in one sweet hour. Download Audio To visit this author’s website, click here!
  • Elizabeth George
    Elizabeth George reads from the crime novel in her Inspector Lynley Series A Banquet of Consequences out in paperback from Viking/Penguin Books.  We talk about developing characters over the course of a long series and about researching your novel when …

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  • Christopher Hebert
    Christopher Hebert reads from Angels of Detroit: A Novel out with Bloomsbury.  We talk about the long term project, letting characters lead you to the next story, and the rust belt.   For more about the author, click here!
  • Julia Holter
    Musician Julia Holter talks about her latest album Have You in My Wilderness with guest host Elizabeth Wason. They talk about writing music, making field recordings, what life is like when you’re bankrolled by a …

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  • Masha Gessen
    Writer, activist and Wallenberg Medalist Masha Gessen discusses her book The Brothers: The Road to An American Tragedy published by Riverhead Books. We talk about her current book project and her books The Man Without A …

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  • Ann Goldstein
    Translator Ann Goldstein reads from her latest work, the fourth and final Neapolitan novel, The Story of the Lost Child by Elena Ferrante published by Europa Editions. We talk about working on such a long …

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  • Tyree Guyton
    Detroit’s own Tyree Guyton talks about his current exhibits at UMMA The Art of Tyree Guyton: A Thirty-Year Journey and What Time Is It? Tyree Guyton, New Work at the GalleryDAAS. We talk about his amazing …

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  • Hilary and Mike Gustafson
    This Summer Reads special edition of Living Writers features Hilary and Mike Gustafson from Literati Bookstore. We talk about books that are great for summer. Also, about the much anticipated release of Harper Lee’s Go …

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  • Katie Hartsock
    Poet Katie Hartsock reads from her chapbook Hotels, Motels, and Extended Stays published by Toadlily Press in the book A Good Wall from their Quartet Series, with an introduction by Laura Kasischke.  We talk about …

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  • Lorna Goodison
    Poet Lorna Goodison reads from her many lovely books. We talk about place, friends, family, songs and joy –and what is coming next. Download Audio Show replayed November 2017.
  • Phoebe Gloekner
    Phoebe Gloekner reads from The Diary of a Teenage Girl: an account in words and pictures published by North Atlantic Books. We talk about drawing as a kid to a medical illustrator, Crumb and comics, …

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  • Lolita Hernandez
    Lolita Hernandez reads from her story collection Making Callaloo in Detroit published by Wayne State University Press. We talk about storytelling, magic, factories and dasheen leaves. Download Audio For more about the author, click here!
  • Lizzie Hutton, Josie Kearns, Thomas Lynch and Keith Taylor
    A wonderful group of Michigan poets gather to read from the anthology Poetry In Michigan/Michigan In Poetry published  by New Issues Poetry & Prose. Download Audio
  • Edward Hirsch
    Edward Hirsch reads from The Living Fire: New and Selected Poems (2010) published by Borzoi Book/Knopf. We talk about insomnia, messages in a bottle, and how poetry saves something from vanishing. Download Audio For more …

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  • Laurence Goldstein
    Poet Laurence Goldstein discusses the life and poems of Robert Hayden as we look forward to the Robert Hayden Centennial Conference (November 2013) featuring keynote address by Harryette Mullen. Download Audio  
  • Dan Gerber + Joseph Bednarik
    Dan Gerber reads poems from Sailing Through Cassiopeia (Copper Canyon Press 2012).  We are joined in the studio by Joseph Bednarik of Copper Canyon Press. We talk about creating experience in a poem and being …

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  • Jennifer Holm
    Jennifer Holm reads from her sequel The Trouble with May Amelia (2011) published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers, Simon & Schuster. We take a look at her book series with her brother Matthew Holm, the …

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  • Christopher Hebert
    Christopher Hebert reads from The Boiling Season (HarperCollins 2012).  We talk about imagining one’s own politically volatile Caribbean island nation, being an Editor-at-Large for the University of Michigan Press, and teaching in Tennessee.  And we …

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  • Lizzie Hutton
    Lizzie Hutton reads from her debut poetry collection She’d Waited Millennia published by New Issues. We talk about musicality, childhood, the interior world and Brooklyn. Download Audio For more about the author, click here! photo …

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  • Francine J. Harris
    francine j. harris reads from her book Allegiance published by Wayne State University Press. We talk about Detroit, InsideOut, and love of language. Download Audio
  • Donovan Hohn
    Donovan Hohn reads from his first book Moby-Duck:  The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea and of the Beachcombers, Oceanographers, Environmentalists, and Fools, Including the Author, Who Went in Search of Them published by Viking. …

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  • Dan Gerber
    Dan Gerber reads from his book A Primer on Parallel Lives (Copper Canyon Press 2010).  We talk about creating your own community of poets from contemporaries and from the past, the art of letter writing, …

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  • Ron Hansen and Jim Shepard
    Jim Shepard reads from his latest story collection Like You’d Understand, Anyway in paperback from Vintage. Ron Hansen reads from his novel Exiles published  with FSG.  A sort of homecoming–these two writers met here at Michigan some years ago, their offices across the …

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