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Michael J. Sandel
Michael J. Sandel discusses his book What Money Can’t Buy: Read more.
Little Bang Theory: Terri Sarris, Doug Shimmin & Frank Pahl
Little Bang Theory–Terri Sarris, Doug Shimmin and Frank Pahl– talk about their Read more.
Kodi Scheer
Kodi Scheer reads from her debut story collection Incendiary Girls published Read more.
Rebecca Scherm
Rebecca Scherm reads from her novel Unbecoming by Viking.  We Read more.
Will Schwalbe
Will Schwalbe reads from Books for Living published by Knopf (2017). We talk Read more.
Doree Shafrir
Guest host Amanda Uhle talks with Doree Shafrir, Senior Culture Writer Read more.
B.A. Shapiro
B.A. Shapiro reads from her novel The Muralist published this Read more.
Michael Shilling
Michael Shilling reads from his debut novel Rock Bottom from Little, Brown & Read more.
Richard Siken
Richard Siken reads from his new collection of poems War Read more.
Karin Slaughter
Karin Slaughter read from her novel Criminal published by Delacorte Press. Read more.