Wayétu Moore

Wayétu Moore reads from She Would Be King (Graywolf Press 2018). We talk about magical realism, origin stories, Liberia, and One Moore Book.

Gala Mukomolova

Gala Mukomolov reads poems from Without Protection (Coffee House Press 2019). We talk about fierceness and vulnerability, fairytales, and astrology.

Polly Rosenwaike

Polly Rosenwaike reads from her debut stories Look How Happy I’m Making You (Doubleday 2019). We talk about stories, motherhood, characters, agents and babies. Download Audio

Hannah Ensor

Hannah Ensor reads poems from her debut LOVE DREAM WITH TELEVISION (Noemi Press 2018). We talk about the desert, basketball, book sections, shapes of poems, anxiety + of course love dreams. Download Audio  

Lillian Li

Lillian Li reads from her debut novel Number One Chinese Restaurant (Henry Holt 2018).  We talk about family, a donkey fable, working at a restaurant, and asking yourself questions as a writer.  We also talk about duck. Download Audio

Michael A. Ferro

Michael A. Ferro reads from his debut novel Title 13 (Harvard Square Editions 2018). We talk about navigating the writing world, postmodernists, humor writing, government workers and the wood wasp. Download audio

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