2012 Interviews

Megan Levad
Megan Levad reads poems from You Are Where You Live Read more.
Dan Gerber + Joseph Bednarik
Dan Gerber reads poems from Sailing Through Cassiopeia (Copper Canyon Read more.
Oni Buchanan and Jon Woodward
Oni Buchanan and Jon Woodward discuss their books of poems. Read more.
Carrie Fountain
Carrie Fountain reads from Burn Lake (2010) published by Penguin Books. Read more.
Jennifer Holm
Jennifer Holm reads from her sequel The Trouble with May Read more.
Scott Lasser
Scott Lasser talks about his novel Say Nice Things About Read more.
Karin Slaughter
Karin Slaughter read from her novel Criminal published by Delacorte Press. Read more.
Bruce Duffy
Bruce Duffy reads from Disaster Was My God: A novel Read more.
Christopher Hebert
Christopher Hebert reads from his debut novel The Boiling Season published by Read more.
Lizzie Hutton
Lizzie Hutton reads from her debut poetry collection She’d Waited Read more.