2013 Interviews

Karen Russell
Karen Russell reads from her collection of short stories Vampires Read more.
Lizzie Hutton, Josie Kearns, Thomas Lynch and Keith Taylor
A wonderful group of Michigan poets gather to read from Read more.
Christine Montross
Christine Montross reads from her book Falling Into the Fire: Read more.
Edward Hirsch
Edward Hirsch reads from The Living Fire: New and Selected Read more.
Laurence Goldstein
Poet Laurence Goldstein discusses the life and poems of Robert Read more.
Christopher Castellani
Christopher Castellani reads from his novel All This Talk of Read more.
Dale Peck
Dale Peck reads from The Garden of Lost and Found Read more.
Aaron McCollough
Aaron McCollough reads from his book of poems Underlight published Read more.
Kristin Hersh
Kristin Hersh reads from her book Rat Girl: A Memoir Read more.
Edward Kelsey Moore
Edward Kelsey Moore reads from his debut novel The Supremes Read more.