about the site

This Site:  This website houses the archives for the radio program Living Writers on WCBN FM Ann Arbor 88.3 and streaming on wcbn.org.  WCBN is the freeform station at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. The most current shows will be posted weekly.  Gradually the show archives will be added until we arrive at T Hetzel’s first show in April of 2007.

Photos:  Many of the photographs on the site have been taken at WCBN on the day of the conversation.  Other photos that appear on the site are from author’s websites, their publishers or University sites.  Some additional photos appearing on the site are “free use” images.  Please credit Living Writers and T Hetzel if you would like to use photos taken at the radio station.  For all other photo permissions, please consult the copyright holder.

Site Construction:  Many thanks to Kathryn O’Neil who kicked off this endeavor and made great strides during her WCBN internship summer 2016.  Many thanks to Sarah Sisk for gamely tackling audio files, Audacity, MBox and more as part of her WCBN internship summer 2017.   Many thanks to Jeremiah Cook, Jessica Wolking and Kristin Sumrall for supporting and creatively finding ways to finesse this site.  Many thanks also to Frank Uhle, for helping me continue working through the Living Writers audio archive to get all shows up eventually one day.