CIUSuite 2

Collision induced unfolding (CIU) provides a way of differentiating proteins of similar structure and measuring the stability of proteins through analysis of their unfolding pathway(s) following collisional activation in the gas phase. CIU has been used for a variety of applications such as differentiating binding modes of different ligands, distinguishing proteins with identical collision cross sections, etc. CIUSuite 2 builds on the capabilities of our original CIUSuite software, adding improved feature detection and direct analysis of stability shifts with “CIU50” values, improved classification, and Gaussian fitting and noise removal methods. CIUSuite 2 also features a full graphical user interface and automation tools for easier and faster analysis of CIU data.


For more information, please refer to Polasky, D.A. et al, Anal. Chem. 2019

To download the CIUSuite 2 software, please click here.