Modeling Macromolecular Assemblies


Structural biology is ultimately concerned with determining high resolution structures of all the functional macromolecules within living cells and tissues. While structural information can be obtained using a wide array of technologies, conventional methods face significant challenges when applied to dynamic, heterogeneous multi-protein targets. Consequently, there is a need to investigate new approaches that define the subunit stoichiometry, composition, and shape of heterogeneous macromolecular complexes of biological importance. In our group, we are developing ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS) based techniques to answer important structural questions about these large macromolecular complexes. Our efforts focused in structural characterization of protein complexes fall into three main categories:

  • Understanding the structural properties of proteins in the gas-phase
  • Using IM-MS measurements to develop structural models of protein complexes
  • Developing computational platforms for integrating IM-MS and other datasets into 3D models
IM-MS to model macromolecular complexes