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Inventory of Inclusive Teaching Strategies

Inventory of Inclusive Teaching Strategies


This resource guide is an inventory of 54 concrete strategies for building an inclusive class. The Inventory focuses on five research-based principles:

1) Critical Engagement of Difference
2) Academic Belonging
3) Transparency
4) Structured Interactions
5) Flexibility

Instructors can use the list to consider what strategies they may already be taking toward an inclusive pedagogy, what strategies they may like to implement, what strategies they would like to investigate further, and what strategies may not work for them or their classroom.

This resource is best used during the planning stage of a course or while reflecting on the successes and failures of a completed course, but many of the strategies could be implemented at any point throughout the semester.

Resource Goals:

  • To provide instructors with concrete strategies for building inclusive classes.

  • To help instructors reflect on their pedagogical practices.

Inventory of Inclusive Teaching Strategies Resource Guide:

For the Docx file, it is best completed by printing out the document.

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Adapted for use by The Center for Research on Language and Teaching, University of Michigan. Some content adapted from Linse & Weinstein, Shreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, Penn State, 2015.

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