2020 Interviews – LIVING WRITERS

2020 Interviews

  • Eduardo C. Corral
    Eduardo C. Corral reads from Guillotine (Graywolf Press 2020). We talk about attentiveness, structuring books, audience and interiority. We also talk about expanding possibilities and French pop …

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  • Kaveh Akbar
    Kaveh Akbar reads poems from Calling A Wolf A Wolf (Alice James Books 2017) and Pilgrim Bell (Graywolf 2021). We talk about technology of language–its limitations and …

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  • Natalie Bakopoulos
    Natalie Bakopoulos discusses her novel Scorpionfish (Tin House 2020). We talk about first swims, balconies and growing into your writer self. We also talk about Elena Ferrante, …

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  • Elizabeth Wason
    Elizabeth Wason talks about science writing and her work as managing editor for Resources for the Future, a DC think tank. We talk about getting accessible expert …

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  • Ebony Roberts
    Ebony Roberts reads from The Love Prison Made and Unmade: My Story (Amistad 2019). We talk about fathers, fairytales, prisons, resilience and writing memoir.  We talk about …

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  • Michael Dickman
    Michael Dickman reads from Days & Days (Knopf 2019). We talk about interconnectedness, structure, place and butterflies.
  • Catherine Lacey
    Catherine Lacey reads from Certain American States: Stories (Picador 2018) in a special Fundraiser 2020 episode of Living Writers. We talk about websites, irresolution, humor, dogs, and her …

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  • Kristin Hersh, Grant-Lee Phillips and John Doe
    While in Ann Arbor, Kristin Hersh, Grant-Lee Phillips, and John Doe talk about their The Exile Follies 2020 tour. We talk about collaboration and process, mystery, and creating experience. …

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  • John Barr and Dan Murphy
    John Barr and Dan Murphy talk about their book Start By Believing: Larry Nassar’s Crimes, the Institutions that Enabled Him, and the Brave Women Who Stopped a Monster (Hachette …

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  • Ilya Kaminsky
    Ilya Kaminsky reads from Deaf Republic (Graywolf Press 2019). We talk about language and silence, fabulism, the imagined town of Vasenka with its puppet theater, and poets …

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  • Kiley Reid
    Kiley Reid reads from her debut novel Such A Fun Age (Putnam 2019). We talk about listening to your characters, writing about class and race, and building strong plots.
  • Rion Amilcar Scott
    Rion Amilcar Scott reads from The World Doesn’t Require You: Stories (Liveright Publishing Corporation/W.W.Norton & Company 2019). We talk about narrative forms, beautiful lines and building a world. We …

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  • Carmen Bugan
    Carmen Bugan reads from Lilies from America: New & Selected Poems (Shearsman Books UK 2019). We talk about narrative poems, memoir, and recording a documentary. We also talk about …

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  • Shane McCrae
    Poet Shane McCrae reads from The Gilded Auction Block (FSG Originals 2019). We talk about history and the contemporary moment, meter, narrative, epigraphs and a robot bird.  
  • Mike McGonigal
    Guest host Frank Uhle talks with Mike McGonigal, editor of Maggot Brain magazine from Third Man Records, about the joys and challenges of print-only publishing, Detroit gospel …

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