Congratulations to Colleen Buckley!

Congratulations to Colleen Buckley (BA, Spanish, 2018), who recently accepted a full-time position at Beghou Consulting in Chicago, IL (working as Associate Consultant). Colleen’s first experience with Spanish Linguistics was in Fall 2016, when she took Spanish 298 with Nick Henriksen, PI for the From Africa to Patagonia project. Following, she enrolled in multiple advanced Spanish Linguistics courses in RLL, participated in two study-abroad programs in Spain during summer 2017 (including in Salamanca with Lorenzo Garcia-Amaya and Nick Henriksen), and completed an Independent Study on sound change on Andalusian Spanish in Fall 2017. Colleen started working in the lab in Summer 2017.

She has been an indispensable member of the Collaboratory project, specifically in her roles as labeller/checker/double-checker in the massive /p t k b d g/ corpus project. She is one of the most organized members of our team, and we will miss her greatly.  Congratulation Colleen!