“The room is alive with people—undergrads, grad students, professors, lab managers—all flinging ideas back and forth because we know that each word makes a difference.”

—Kelly Kendro, BA ’19, Research Assistant, University of Michigan Psycholinguistics Lab

Undergraduate student collaborators are essential members of the research teams on which they participate. They contribute their knowledge, skills, and insights; their hands-on experience grows by working with graduate students and faculty members on team-based projects.

Due to their busy schedules and multiple commitments—plus their tendency to graduate and move on to careers, additional academic degrees, and adventures—undergraduate students come and go on Collaboratory teams. But they definitely make their mark! Click on highlighted names below to read some of the Collaboratory Stories that our undergraduates have shared.

Narrating Nubia: The Social Lives of Heritage

Yasmeen Berry
Shannon Burton
Kennedi Johnson
Karson Schenk
Lauren Trail

Documenting Criminalization and Confinement

Grace Bergeron
Chloe Carlson
Nourelhoda Eidy
Charlie Fater
Chloe Halprin
Holly Honig
Parker Kehrig
Noor Moughni
Vanita Seed

Expanding the Reach of the Global Feminisms Oral History Archive

Josephine Fonger
Greta Kruse
Abigail Nighswonger
Joy Qian
Arielle Sturr
Annie Wang
Emily Si Zhu

Making African Art

Evan Binkley

Sensing Algorithms
Anamaria Cuza
Tanvi Hegde

From Africa to Patagonia: Voices of Displacement

Hallie Banc
Callie Bartkowiak
Colleen Buckley
Ashley Carroll
Christopher “Toph” Clark
Ian Cook
Ella Deaton
Liliana De Leon
Austin Fellows
Mallory Fuller
Libby Garno
Courtney Greifenberger
Katie Hall
Breanne Holton
Ellie Johandes
Kelly Kendro
Lydia Kudret
Claire Laing
Sean Lang
Moiz Mahood
Brysyn McHenry
Sean Moore
Matthew Neubacher
Aditi Priyadershi
Alexandria Sheere
Eliot Sollinger
Annika Topelian
Samantha Tosa
Tony Tran
Sarah VanDiepenbos
Ishan Vashishta
Michael Warde

Book Unbound

Sean Moore
Alexandra Niforos
Trina Ray
Erin Ringel
Elijah Segraves
Sydney Sfire Simoncini
Hannah Lucy Qin
Claire Elizabeth Weil
Danielle E. Williams

Precarity Lab
[this section is under construction]

Hyecho’s Journey

Anders Boberg
Bailey Case
Sindhu Giri
Rebecca Henry
Elijah Sattler
Eric Yeh