“By grouping multidisciplinary and multigenerational scholars and students together, our Collaboratory project has led us to think about how digital publications can be used to create entry-points, supplements, and bridges to new audiences and users.”

—Vincent Longo, doctoral candidate, Department of Film, Television, and Media

The Humanities Collaboratory’s bold and innovative research model connects scholars from a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives. Importantly, all teams are intergenerational. Graduate students are integral, collaborative members of project team. Below are the names of current and past graduate student team members. Several have shared a “Collaboratory Story”: click on names below to read more. We will continue to post additional features: check back again to hear more from the graduate students who have brought their expertise to the Collaboratory’s groundbreaking projects.

The Ambivalence Project

Eshe Sherley — History
Annika Pattenaude — English
Emily Coccia — English and Women’s and Gender Studies

Narrating Nubia: The Social Lives of Heritage

Adeli Block — Anthropology
Caitlin Clerkin — IPCAA/Museum Studies
Bailey Franzoi — IPCAA/Museum Studies
Heidi Hilliker — Middle East Studies
Shannon Ness — IPCAA/Museum Studies

Documenting Criminalization and Confinement

Madeleine Aquilina — History of Art
Julia Barron — Psychology
Rachel Cawkwell — English
Guadalupe Cervantes — Public Health
Kemper Fagan — Architecture
Francesca Ferrara — Law
Gabrielle French — Social Work
Ali Friedman — Social Work and Music
Bridget Grier — Law
Allie Goodman — History
David Helps — History
Sarah Leder — Social Work
Peter Martel — Public Policy
Nicole Navarro — History
Sophie Ordway — Social Work
Sinead Redmond — Law
Reuben Riggs-Bookman — Anthropology and History
Eshe Sherley — History
Alexander Stephens — History
Megan Wilson — Classics

Expanding the Reach of the Global Feminisms Oral History Archive

Eimeel Castillo — History and Women’s Studies
Marisol Fila — Romance Languages and Literatures
Ronke Olawale — Anthropology and Social Work
Ozge Savas — Psychology and Women’s Studies

Making African Art

James Denison — History of Art
Traci Lombre — American Culture
James Munene — Anthropology
Sandra Nwogu — Applied Statistics
Hillina Seife — History

Sensing Algorithms

Amy Kurtycz — Architecture
Guadalupe Madrigal — Communication Studies
Megh Marathe — Information Studies
Natalie Tsz Lam Ngai — Communication and Media

From Africa to Patagonia: Voices of Displacement

Dominique Bouavichith — Linguistics
Myrna Cintrón-Valentín — Psychology (Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience)
Micha Fischer — Michigan Program in Survey Methodology
Juan Leal-Ugalde — Romance Languages and Literatures, post-doc
Jiseung Kim — Linguistics
Josh Shapero — Linguistic Anthropology, post-doc
Ana M. Silva — History, post-doc

Book Unbound

Sheira Cohen — Classical Studies
Jathan Elden Day — English and Education
Michael Hoffman — English and Education
Chuhan Hou — Information
Kesava Kota — Information
Tyler Johnson — Classical Art and Archaeology
Rusi Li — English Language and Literature
Vincent Longo — Film, Television, and Media
Matthew Naglak — Classical Art and Archaeology
Adrienne Raw — English and Education
Emily Mullas Wilson — Education

Precarity Lab

Cindy Lin — Information

Hyecho’s Journey

Rebecca Bloom — Asian Languages and Cultures
Wei Cai — Information
Ha Nul Jun — Asian Languages and Cultures