Collaboratory Staff

Audrey Becker

Administrative Coordinator

Audrey joined the Collaboratory in September 2018. Prior to that, she was an associate professor of English at Marygrove College in Detroit with research and teaching areas in medieval and early modern British literature. Audrey is the co-editor of Welsh Mythology and Folklore in Popular Culture (2011).

Kristin Hass

Faculty Coordinator

Associate Professor of American Culture, Kristin has been with the Collaboratory since its inception. She is the author of Carried to the Wall: American Memory and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1998) and Sacrificing Soldiers on the National Mall (2013). Fields of study include: visual culture, material culture, museum studies, memory, 20th-century cultural history.

Sheri Sytsema-Geiger

Project Manager

In addition to working as a strategic partner with the Collaboratory’s Faculty Coordinator, as Project Manager Sheri is responsible for supporting the research teams with budgetary and financial issues, as well as providing reports and financial guidance related to Collaboratory funding policies.  In addition, she facilitates the grant application process, hiring of undergraduate and graduate student research assistants, and oversees the facilities and technologies needs of the Collaboratory and its teams.